Antoine Lorgnier - Photographs

Gérald Passedat, cuisine from the sea

In Marseille, Gérald Passedat, heir to a line of chefs hung since 1917 on the rocks of the Endoume district, has made “Petit Nice” the only three Michelin star address in the city by cooking only fresh products from the sea. On the menu, no less than 90 species of fish, seaweed, and seafood, all fished in a sustainable and responsible way by a handful of fishermen passionate about their profession who, every morning, deliver the restaurant . A choice of capon, girelle, sarran, mostelle, turbot … that the chef cooks without artifices if not a long and patient work on the flavors, the cuts and the juices made with Provence herbs. Gérald Passedat is also in charge of the restaurant of the MUCEM, in Marseille, and the brasserie of the Lutecia hotel, in Paris.

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