Antoine Lorgnier - Photographs


After studying law and a short stay in Anglo-Saxon law firms in London and New York, I discovered the photo during a trip to Kenya. As I visited the country in barely a week like a lawyer, I came across a wildlife photographer who was taking the time to travel, to look at the world, nature, the changing colors of the sky. A revelation.

Back in Paris, I bought myself a Nikon F2, an antique already in 1990. But hey, I immediately liked the sound of its curtain and its shutter. Then, I got lucky. A magazine entrusted me with its travel section. Since then, I have been traveling the world for almost 30 years for tourism (Iles Magazine, Voyager magazine, Gala, Luxury Travel, Full Life), food (portraits of chefs for Luxury Travel), nature (Ushuaia Magazine ) and since two years, architecture and design (Ideat, The Good Life) or corporate for communication agencies. 

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